Adria Woven Cotton Cross-Body Bags

Available in 4 different color options: Black (H510A), Tan (H510B), Rust (H510C), White (H510D)

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Our Adria woven cotton cross-body bag is a trendy and versatile accessory that combines the charm of handwoven textiles with the convenience of a cross-body style. These bags are crafted using soft and durable cotton yarn, resulting in a lightweight and comfortable option for carrying your essentials.

These bags are versatile and suitable for various activities and outings. Whether you’re running errands, exploring a new city, or going to a casual event, a woven cotton cross-body bag adds a stylish and practical touch to your ensemble.

In addition to their fashion-forward appeal, woven cotton cross-body bags are also eco-friendly, as cotton is a renewable and biodegradable material. By choosing a handwoven cotton bag, you contribute to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

Has inner lining and magnetic clasp

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Dimensions 0.1 × 0.1 × 0.1 cm

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