Cali Basket Bag

Available in 4 different color options: Orange (H503A), Pink (H503B), Green (H503C), Yellow (H503D)

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A raffia basket bag with a wooden handle is a charming and natural accessory that exudes a rustic and organic appeal. This bag is crafted from raffia, a natural fiber derived from the leaves of the raffia palm tree, known for its durability and unique woven texture. The bag typically takes the form of a basket, featuring a structured and open-top design.

The raffia material used in the bag’s construction is lightweight and eco-friendly, making it a sustainable choice. The natural fibers allow for breathability, making it suitable for warm weather or beach outings.

Our Cali Raffia Basket bag with a wooden handle combines the earthy elegance of raffia with the warm appeal of wood, creating a unique and visually appealing accessory. Its practicality, spaciousness, and natural aesthetic make it a popular choice for those seeking a versatile and eco-friendly bag.

Has colorful inner lining

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