Cora Sling Bag

Available in 8 different color options: Lime Green (H502A), Pink (H502B), Sand (H502C), Sky Blue (H502D), Black (H502E), Navy (H502F), Brown (H502G), Orange (H502H)

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This woven sling bag with glass beads is a unique and eye-catching accessory that combines traditional craftsmanship with decorative elements. The bag is made from natural fibers like cotton and features a woven construction, giving it a textured and intricate appearance.

The distinguishing feature of this sling bag is the use of glass beads as embellishments. These beads are carefully hand-sewn onto the woven fabric, creating beautiful patterns, designs, or even intricate motifs.

The combination of the woven texture and glass bead embellishments gives the bag a bohemian or ethnic-inspired aesthetic, making it a versatile accessory for various occasions. It can be a stylish addition to a casual outfit, a statement piece for a summer festival or beach outing, or even an accessory to elevate a more formal ensemble.

Has inner lining and magnetic clasp

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