Lana Jute Bags

Available in 4 different color options: Yellow (H522A), Black (H522B), Red (H522C), Green (H522D)

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Lana Jute bags are versatile and eco-friendly accessories made from jute, a natural fiber derived from the jute plant. These bags have gained popularity due to their sustainability, durability, and rustic charm.

Jute bags are appreciated for their natural and rustic aesthetics. The texture and color of jute fibers give the bags a unique and earthy appeal. Additionally, jute is a sustainable material as it is biodegradable, renewable, and requires minimal water and pesticide use during cultivation.

Lana Jute Bags are sustainable, stylish, and practical accessories that offer an eco-conscious alternative to synthetic or non-biodegradable bags. Whether used for shopping, beach trips, or gifting, jute bags are a fashionable choice that aligns with environmental values.

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