Tasi Jute Rope Shoulder Bags

Available in 2 different color options: White (H516A), Black (H516B)

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Our Tasi Jute Rope Shoulder Bag is a stylish and eco-friendly accessory that showcases the natural beauty of jute fibers. Jute is a plant-based fiber known for its strength, durability, and sustainability, making it an ideal material for creating versatile and eco-conscious bags. Woven between the Jute and rope is a

The Tasi bag is crafted from tightly woven jute rope, which gives it a sturdy and structured construction. The natural golden-brown color of jute adds to its earthy and organic appeal. The rope is intricately woven to create a seamless and cohesive design, ensuring the bag’s durability. The shoulder strap of the bag is usually made from the same jute rope, providing a comfortable and adjustable fit. The rope strap allows for hands-free carrying and adds a rustic and nautical touch to the bag’s overall aesthetic.

Our Tasi Jute Rope Shoulder Bag combines functionality with a natural and eco-friendly aesthetic. Its woven jute rope construction, spacious interior, and comfortable shoulder strap make it a practical accessory for everyday use. Whether you’re looking for a sustainable option or a fashionable statement piece, a jute rope shoulder bag offers a stylish and conscious choice.

Loop wooden closure

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